Pakistan Real estate is a significant and growing sector of its economy. Every year it spends $5.2 billion on the construction and this construction occupies 2% of Pakistan’s GDP in which housing is less than half of the total but as the Urbanization is growing so there is a high need of the urban planning.Coming towards the Sukkur city, which is our first milestone. Sukkur is the future of real estate business as currently housing societies are developing at very fast rate and political leaders of Sindh (i.e. Khursheed Shah) are also getting properties over here. Currently here are 178 Broker and agents and 89 real estate agencies are operating in this Sukkur District.According to different reports, the population of Pakistan is growing at much faster rate than other countries such as India, China, and SriLanka. Their average population growth rate is 1.5% while in Pakistan it is more than 2%. Keeping in view this increasing trend of population has generated huge demand in the real estate business. No doubt, Real estate business in response is also growing to meet the increasing demand. Many new real estate agencies and brokers are entering in this industry day by day in order to meet this increasing demand but these agencies have got limited for a particular region, community or area. But if someone wants to move or shift to another region or city, most of the time the person doesn’t know that where will be the best place in that area which will match to their needs and requirements in affordable budget or he/she doesn’t know about the real estate agent who can help them in finding their desired location for property in the limits of their budget. We also know that people are too much busy in their lives and they have less time for searching out information about real estate agents or agencies and world is becoming more dependent upon the digital era. People want to get their work done within minutes mean they want one click solution without leaving their desk/rooms, and online services are fulfilling. Considering all the wants and demands of customers in our mind Therefore, we thought that why not to provide such kind of facilities for the real estate business with the help of digital marketing on internet. So we are developing a real estate advertisement portal and named it “”. So our developed website portal is going to solve their problem by helping them finding their best property places on their desired places easily without leaving their desk. is an online real estate Advertisement portal which has a huge base of visitors generated through the content writing on the website and blogs which is going to attract their base and also providing suggestions, so through this we are bringing the all real estate agencies and brokers together to facilitate the buyers. Buyers only have to visit our web portal where they can easily find their desired property (House, Building for business etc.) for purchase and rent without wasting their time precious time in wandering around different real estate agents. (Buy, Sell ,Rent) is basically a real estate portal where you can find lists of real estate agencies, brokers, property for sell, property for rent, property for lease etc. will be categorizing these lists according to the cities, areas, and regions as per needs of the customers because its ultimate purpose is to facilitate our customers. is providing a single platform to both buyers and sellers where they can easily find their best match according to their needs. is not aiming at charging from the buyers of any property but it will charge from the sellers or sponsors for the services it is providing.

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