Caring for your plant is a sometimes tiring task. It doesn't move to get its sunlight. You forget to water it and leave it thirsty for days. You sometimes forget where it is entirely, or whether it's even yours.

It's a sad life for the plant.

That is why it needs a friend! Jade is a plant companion robot that helps to care for your plant. It ensures the plant gets the most sunlight it can receive, and it reminds you to water the plant. Further gamification techniques will encourage you to take proper care of the plant.

What it does

Jade is a robot plant car hybrid that senses light and moves towards it. This will help make sure that the plant is getting the most sunlight it can receive. It has a moisture sensor sense moisture and alerts the user if the plant needs to be watered through a telegram notification. It will also send achievements to you through telegram if the plant lives for a long time (which means you're a good owner!)

If you want to know the current status of your plant, you can just ask Jade on the current status of the plant which will then be sent to you via telegram. It can also tell you how long the plant has lived.

How we built it

We programmed a maker bot / ESP32 to make the hardware for Jade. Jade has various sensors to monitor the plant state, which is sent to a database that lives in a Ruby on Rails server. Jade also hosts a telegram bot that can send out statuses and achievements to the user.

Challenges we ran into

There were 2 hardware problems that we faced. The original power supply, a power bank was incompatible with the robot. There was insufficient voltage to power the motors. We solved this by switching it to a 9v battery. Some of the semantics for the robot was also incorrect, and hence a significant portion of time was taken to correct it.

Some networking problems were the initial confusion over how the Jade was supposed to communicate with both the telegram bot and the database server. In the end, we used Ruby on Rails and made Jade host both the telegram bot as well as the physical robot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we finished this hacknroll :') We're proud that we had a working prototype at the end of hacknroll despite the challenges faced.

What we learned

We learnt more about Telegram Bot API and how to connect all the components together and get them working.

What's next for JADE Companion

Scale JADE Companion so that it can host more plants. Add a virtual plant in a new game that represents the plant in real life. Add a camera to Jade to monitor the plant in real time! Add more achievement systems. Add a social media system to Jade to connect with other plant owners!

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