We were inspired by our previous functioning project, Tickets for Tonight, which is a simple ticket reselling app for shows in London. However, this industry is facing large problems in connection to ticket fraud, so we decided to help solve these by an IoT cluster solution.

What it does

Using a modified version of the Android ticketing app "Tickets for Tonight", the customer can buy a ticket and then, after reaching the venue, generate a limited-timespan QR code which can grant him entry. This is validated by a set of three IoT systems: 1) A Google Cloud Platform Server distributing and validating secret keys 2) A Qualcomm SnapDragon powered QR code scanner with a webcam and an on-screen QR code reader. 3) An Arduino-like IoT gate letting customers pass after validation.

Later on, we had some sleep time to expand the original app with the Here mapping API and we migrated the server functionality to a custom domain.

How we built it

-Kotlin-powered Android app -Google Cloud Platform with Debian running Java code and Spring framework -Qualcomm Snapdragon running Debian and HTML5/JavaScript -Arduino (C++) powerwed IoT gate

Challenges we ran into

We got stuck for about 4 hours trying to compile the QR reader in Java. In the end we switched to the web-based HTML5/javascript solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the concept work for the pre-defined usecase.

What we learned

To be patient and persistent and to not be afraid to switch technologies when we run into dead ends.

What's next for TicketSecurify

Parts of this solution will be considered for deployment in the already-functioning Tickets for Tonight Application ecosystem.

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