Jacob's Hack

For Jacob's Hack 2018, we decided to take on the MLH Challenge. Our idea is based around a website designed for bridging the gap between Parents and children by cooking together. We tried to incorporate the Google Home device with powerful speakers and voice assistant to listen to the users commands, and speak recipe instructions to user. This is convenient for the user as you do not need to physically touch a book or computer with their dirty hands, and can just talk and listen with the Google Home device. We believe this project is really important and the number of people making food from scratch is decreasing and obesity is rising. Teaching children basic cooking skills can set them up for a healthy life and it's great fun too! We originally planned to create a similar application for people with disabilities - primarily learning difficulties - but we required expert advice which we couldn't get within the 24 hour time frame.

Website via firebase: https://jacobshack-e20b4.firebaseapp.com/

Resources used: HTML CSS Javascript DialogFlow (https://console.dialogflow.com/api-client) Firebase (https://console.firebase.google.com/) Google Home

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