We wanted to use VR to convey a sense of massive scale. Also, we wanted to do something that incorporates each element that each member wanted to do; stealth elements, some fun stuff with locomotion, and ultimately room escape puzzle element.

What it does

Provides a short demo of what a teeny tiny player(Jack) can do in a Giant's room, using original locomotion.

How I built it

Jack: Stumbling my way through online unity tutorials and with help from the Unity tutors.

Challenges I ran into

Jack: Took a long time to come up with the proper configuration for an object to be grabbable with the touch controllers. Working out the kinks with locomotion proved to be very difficult

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Jack: Greatly reduced the motion-sickness inducing elements of the first locomotion attempts. Made a pretty nice looking giant room.

What I learned

Jack: How interesting it can be to work in a completely new environment, both in a hackathon sense and in a Unity sense.

What's next for JackVR

Debugging climbing locomotion and adding Giant model and animation.

Built With

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