I think we all agree that very few people actually win the lottery. You’ll likely also agree these three statements are true:

  • Everyone likes money, and everyone wants to earn it.
  • People don’t save enough.
  • People like to gamble. We’ve found that low income families spend nearly 10% of their income on lotto tickets.

What if there was a way to win big, without having to risk losing any money at all?

Enter Jackpot.

What it does

Jackpot rewards YOU for making, maintaining, and growing your savings over time.

We do this in the form of a prize linked savings account. Instead of receiving interest, Jackpot gives you entries in weekly, monthly, and annual lotteries.

How we built it

We used Node to build a server with an Angular 5 frontend, using many of Wealthsimple's API's from the following endpoints:


Our app uses the OpenID Connect authorization code flow for authentication with serialized sessions. A non-relational MongoDB was also used to keep track of application specific data.

App Source Code and Presentation Deck

Please see the Github repo for all source code and the presentation deck, with related appendices and studies.

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