People shouldn't be afraid to voice their opinions. Too many people are letting their natural rights get crushed because they fear retaliation. But, the only way our society can evolve and progress is through productive discussion. With Jabbr, we hope to solve that problem by providing both a friendly and thought-provoking environment.

What it does

  • Users choose trending questions in topics they are interested in, choose their sides of "for" or "against" them, and the app will match them with people on a different side to start one-on-one chat. However, the user can also choose to talk to someone with similar opinions if they just feel like getting to know other like-minded individuals :)
  • Users can also start chatting with nearby people about trending topics

How we built it

The project is mainly based on Swift and Firebase for data storage and chat functionality. The detection of nearby users are achieved by Bluetooth LE technology. Signing of terms and services works through REST APIs provided by DocuSign, part of it using a Raspberry Pi as a middle-end server.

Challenges & Accomplishments

Results from HTTP requests can be difficult to parse due to Swift's limitation, but we found hacky workarounds through a Raspberry Pi server.

What we learned

  • Clever use of debugger; ability of quickly reading and understanding developer documentations.
  • Host servers on Raspberry Pi
  • Read difficult-to-understand documentation
  • Develop peer-to-peer communication with Bluetooth

What's next for Jabbr

  • We will incorporate machine learning to crawl trending topics and questions on websites and add them automatically to the app.
  • Machine learning is also useful for supervising chatrooms to ensure a safe and friendly communication environment
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