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What is Jabb?

Jabb is an event discovery application that connects local users to events in their area. It gives users real time access to messaging about events and the ability to view those attending events, allowing for a well-informed choice of entertainment for their evening. The app also allows the event host to control who can view their event and track who has attended multiple events at their location. Jabb is the best new event discovery application, catering to college parties, neighborhood barbecues, restaurant happy hours, and every social get-together imaginable.

Uber Integration

While we are able to connect users to events nearby, we are not as good at getting them there. That is where the Uber integration becomes essential! With the Uber integration, users can choose an Uber product to convey them to the event location, and are able to see not only how long it will take to arrive, but also how much it will cost for the ride. Once the user is ready to go, they can click the Request an Uber button to deep-link into the Uber app. Uber will open with the start and end locations, as well as the Uber product, already set. Along with the integration of Uber into Jabb, we also created a Cordova plugin for easy deep-linking and an Angular module that wraps the API into easy to use services. We did this to help future Cordova developers easily integrate Uber into their application. We hope to polish up the UI of our application before integrating the Request endpoints into our application. While we did not include the built in requests into Jabb, we wrote the code necessary to use the request endpoints. That way, when we decide to implement the request endpoints (or someone else implements it!) we will be able to do it with ease.

Uber Integration

Our Inspiration

We desire to create intimate human connection. Jabb was built with the inspiration from this desire; we want to use technology to connect users offline, rather than isolate users behind a screen. We started this project as a way to help others, and ourselves, find something to do when our friends are busy or when we are on vacation. With our initial research, we searched through many event discovery applications, but found none that had what we were looking for. We were looking for an application that was simple to use, an application that connected users with a social media aspect, and an application that pulled down the wall of isolation created by technology. We created Jabb to be this application.

Target Audience

Our target audience is college-aged students ranging from 18-25 years old. We believe right off the bat that individuals in this age range could benefit from the private event discovery and social media aspect of our application. Long term, we hope to expand Jabb into an application that can be used by anyone of any age to find something to do, but to gain initial traction, we are appealing ourselves to college-aged students.

Release Party

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Key Features

While we're very proud of the Jabb application as a whole, there are a couple key features we are especially proud of. The first feature is a patent-pending secure private-event creation and discovery system. A user can create a private event, which then becomes visible on Jabb. Another user can see that the event is happening near her, but she cannot see the location, who is attending, or the chat stream associated with the event, until the event host invites her. So if this second user is interested, she can Request an Invite. Once the user has requested an invite, the event host will be able to see that someone new wants to go to his event. In a Tinder-like fashion, the event host can decide to invite or ignore the request made by the user. Once a user has been accepted to an event, they can see the location of the event, those attending, and the associated chat stream. We believe this feature will be valuable to our target audience because it would allow them to create private parties and meet new people on their college campuses. Another feature we are proud of is the Uber ride selector. On the event page, a user can use the slider to instantly see the different Uber options and the estimated prices/times associated with each ride. We believe these features are unique to our application and will help us stand out among the competition.

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