Hithesh Yedlapati, Mark Sicoli, Saiyam Kothari


We wanted to reinvent the game Snake because it's a super fun game, and whenever we would tell someone we are playing snake, they would not know what it is.

What it does

Snake grows longer as it eats fruit in first 2 game modes. Snake tries to avoid bombs and survive as long as possiblile in survival game mode

How I built it

We built it with Python and Pygame. Also experimented with visual studio live share to work simultaneously

Challenges I ran into

We ran into bugs, such as being able to eat fruit while running into the wall, moving/resetting when game over, could run over yourself if you press keys too fast

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Did not have experience with pygame 36 hours ago, and we were able to create basically multiple game modes.

What I learned

We learned how to implement pygame. This was also one of the first group projects I experienced, as everything in classes is individual based. We found a way to share it and work simultaneously while using Visual Studio Live Share. It had it's issues, but it definitely would've been harder if we didn't have it.

What's next for J-rmungandr

We can change up the color scheme for the game to make it look better, and maybe even add a few more game modes, because why not?

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