The current available solution to create Issues while viewing a Confluece page works perfectly, if you create issues based on your product requirements defined in Confluence.

Several Atlassian Usergroup participants I talked to, said something like:  "The business teams in my company love Confluence and several of them believe JIRA is for Software Developer"

Would it be nice, to lower the gap for them. So that they can see how useful JIRA is.

What it does

Shows a customizable issue create form on a Confluence page and allows a user to create JIRA issues while viewing the page. All you need is an Application Link between JIRA and Confluence, with OAuth (impersonation), and

In addition: You can explain why some Fields are required and give the reporter hints while he creates an Issue

How I built it

  • Anaylsis via confluence and
  • Requirements vIa JIRA Software
  • Improvements via dogfooding and JIRA issues

Challenges I ran into

  • small json-changes between JIRA releases

What's next for

  • it should be cluster ready, but i have to test it
  • support for more fields types: e.g. attachments, all the epic fields, cascade select
  • default (and hidden) values
  • test automation
  • cloud version
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