Our team mate Hagar comes to Hajj with Egyptian pounds, she tried to find away to change currency to domestic and can't find any near office , she hasn't credit card and need to pay for food, transportaion and shopping . Pay4me provides easy payment by subscribing a package of points from any near service providers using cash or creditcard/visa.

What it does

  • Some pilgrims want to make payments without using banknotes but do not have credit cards.Pay4Me offers cash payment for packages of points that can purchase any service contains its QRCode.
  • Some pilgrims want to purchase services in advance and before their arrival for Hajj .Pay4Me offers creditcard payment for packages of points that can purchase any service contains its QRCode.
  • Pay4Me find a simple way for pilgrims to pay for taxi, bus and transportation services.
  • Pay4Me encourage those who interact with pilgrims in the Kingdom to use modern means of payment that does not depend on cash.

How we built it

We build a mobile application using Andriod platform based on Java language with Gooogle cloud database and web service PHP. we are using QR code scanner open source for scanning purshased items and Google places services to find nearest services on map and firebase notifications for sending messages.

Challenges we ran into

Integration between services providers and banks .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

simple idea and smoth flow

What we learned

What's next for j-088-pay4me

  • pilgram can subscribe for shared package between him and other related pilgrams who are using pay4me .
  • pilgram can subscribe in a package and send it totally as a gift for another pilgram.
  • pilgram can recieve notification messages for offers and discounts from service providers.
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