Innovative products that are difficult to complete paperwork for complying to import/export regulations, such as smart watches.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: ONBOARDING SMEs -- Onboarding SMEs and reducing fear factor by providing user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces. Provide value through appealing, educating, interactive tool that enables to review shipping complexity with composite tariffs for shipments and products.

What it does

Allow importer/exporters to easily turn components into products and products into shipments for reporting and analysis.

How I built it

Hacking on opensource boilerplates and libraries.

Challenges I ran into

Designing UX and making it intuitive for SMEs. Focusing the scope of the problem for a viable prototype. Integrating different technologies and making it work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working prototype and UI proposal. Learning and successfully integrating unfamiliar technologies like ElasticSearch and AngularJS libraries.

What I learned

We need more time to submit project.

What's next for IXport

Market/Product fit validation.
Reporting interfaces.

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