Being a lazy guy, why to sand up just to switch on a fan,light, toaster, etc, etc.. Lets make a portable-wireless-pocket sized controlling device..!

What it does

Basically it controlls any device connected to I-Wave's bluetooth by hand gestures.

How we built it

It is controlled by arduinos. We are basically building a circuit breaker type circuit using IR module which basically interrups the IR & triggers the controller which controls devices.

Challenges we ran into

We 1st though to use a microphone in place of IR, but mic was giving very low output voltage. We then tried tap sensors, knock sensors, but notjhing worked out well. Finally after brainstorming & experimenting for almost 16 hours we finally got an idea to use IRs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though we faced challenges & failures, still we kept calm & always looked for another opportunities & ways to overcome the failures. We explored many things in the on going process of Trial, Error & Repeat.

What we learned

What's next for I-Wave

1-Notifier based 2-Wi-fi controlled 3-Simultaneous controlling of devices 4- Combination of locks & patterns

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