Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia affect the lives of millions of Americans daily. We strove to supplement the lacking memories of those suffering from forms of dementia.

What it does

Ivory utilizes brain waves obtained through electroencephalography among other triggers to determine the importance of a moment in an individual's daily life. Upon determining a moment is important or worth remembering, Ivory, using a circular buffer will save the most recent 15 seconds of footage to be viewed and referred to at a later time to augment the user's recollection of valuable moments.

How we built it

First, we worked with the Bitalino ( sensors and focused on understanding the datasheets and wiring all the sensors and then soldering them as well. As a part of our team focused on that aspect, another part focused on the Raspberry Pi and got the audio and video feed to work very well. Then, we also decided to incorporate the Capital One API to build the social network aspect, where people can share a memory for the cost of 10 credits, but can gain back double the amount of credits through the support of the community. Each person gets 100 credits which are renewed every 5 days, and it's possible to get well over 100 credits. Finally, once we finished soldering all the sensors, and got the Raspberry Pi feed and the Capital One API integration, we connected it all on top of a hat that the user can now wear, and not have to worry about missing another memory again!

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge that we ran into was deciphering the EEG signals to provide us with the raw data, nescessary to passively recognize times when our brain activity spikes, in order to trigger the Raspberry Pi to store that the memory of the past 15 seconds that it captured.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is overall very proud of being able to extract the EEG data to an Android app as a livestream, as we had spent a majority of our time trying to understand the process of how exactly we would be able to perform this feat, and it became a sigh of relief as we finished right on time.

What we learned

We learned about soldering, which our team was very new to, as well as reading EEG signals from the Bitalino and also a great amount about the power of a Raspberry Pi, which truly allowed this entire project to come together.

What's next for Ivory

We plan to incorporate a social network type aspect so that people can share some great memories that they have with others, in order to help people stay connected.

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