Manual and cumbersome - considering large volume of code will require a thorough review​ Time consuming - code could be blocked for deployment to higher environments unless the review is complete​ Prone to human error - some review criteria might be missed out​ Often skipped due to tight deadlines, bandwidth of lead causing long term performance and scalability issues​ Solely based on a lead designers discretion, creating a mismanagement of expectations and deployment issues Incessant's Virtual Lead Designer (iVLD) is an Appian application built to streamline and automate the Appian Code Review Process​ iVLD automatically reviews the Appian application against a pre-defined set of best practices and provides a 360 degree view on code quality. ​ iVLD integrates with Appian Health Check and Unit Testing Framework to provide better visibility of the objects that comply with coding standards.

How I built it

iVLD has been built using Appian health check tool and Unit test framework.

This application has been listed in Appian App Market.

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