Ivity: Creative Challenges, from Teacher to Student


We think people are more creative than they could even imagine, they just need the right prompt. That’s why we created a platform for spontaneous educational creative challenges.

Our learners on mobile subscribe to a channel or class, which alerts them whenever a teacher or admin publishes a new prompt. A photography teacher asks students to take a picture that demonstrates the concept of the rule of thirds. A PE teacher prompts students to take a picture of their dinner to determine nutritional value in class. A computer science teacher may ask students to write pseudocode to solve an interesting algorithm. A history teacher could request students to take a picture of an object that is at least a century old. A chemistry teacher may ask students to take a picture of something in nature that contains certain elements. A graphic design teacher prompts students to sketch a logo design for a mock company.

Students can view others’ responses to prompts once they have submitted their response through the iOS app. This provides immediate insight into multiple responses to the same prompt, giving students a broader understanding of the subject matter. For grading and presentation purposes, teachers may view students’ responses through a web application.

Why it matters

As students, we suffered from the inability to retain information we learned in class. Like many others, we crammed before tests and rarely engaged in subjects. The Learning Pyramid shows that retention increases 15-fold when students learn by practicing, doing and teaching others rather than learning in lectures. With Ivity, we have combined both of these participation-based teaching methods to create a fun learning experience.

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