Chattanooga is one of the top tourist destinations in the Southeast. Further, the city is opening a new history center at the downtown riverfront, which already has many attractions. I was searching for an idea that would power a video wall and take advantage of the city's GigaBit infrastructure.

How it works

Geocachers choose a series of destinations identified by latitude/longitude. Next, they try to find a container at each location, sign a log book, and possibly exchange a trinket with one in the container. Also, a number of the attractions in the city run a photo booth at which customers can make impulse purchases of a hard-copy photo that quickly ends up in a drawer somewhere.

iVentures are tours in which patrons take selfies at the tour stops and use a phone application to verify the stop via GPS. At the minimum, an ambiguous version of the location's name, their name and home location are e-mailed or tweeted for posting at the downtown video wall location. Optionally, a selfie may also be sent.

Tour options include name/location, name only, or latitude/longitude only. All existing Geocache tour can be subsumed by the paradigm. Patrons would be able to access the history of their tours/selfies on the Internet, forever.

List of Gigabit feature

Data concentration at a video wall iTour patron history web site

Challenges I ran into

Coding always takes longer than you think.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Started Friday, had a phone application and a video wall demo by Sunday. Won the "Biggest Impact" award at GigHacks Chattanooga.

What I learned

What's next for iVentures copyright 2015 Robert P. Cook

nothing, no one was interested.

Built With

  • c#-for-the-video-wall-demo
  • corona-labs-sdk-for-the-phone-application
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