NGOs are places where young people (age 18-29) involve in voluntary works, projects and make an impact in civil society.

Unlike the common sense NGOs have hierarchical structures instead of horizontal management.

We, as 4 young people with more than 3 years of NGO experience, have seen that even though young people are active in conducting the projects of the NGOs they have little voice in decision making processes of the very same places. We want to change that. We want valuable insights of young people to reach the management of the NGOs.

The transformation begins within and with youth!

What it does is a place where NGOs can connect with youth who are part of volunteer networks to consult & learn from them or recruit for consultation of new projects.

What does IV IUVENIBUS mean?

4 Iuvenibus means 4 young people in Latin.

What I learned

At first, we were thinking of an additional external communication application for NGOs to hear the feedbacks of its volunteers, but when we ask this to a founder of an NGO, we realized that additional communication channel is not the solution for young people to be heard. Because it is hard to manage external channels. So we remained with our project as it is now and make it more detailed.

We learnt that experiences of young people who are active in civil society are valued. But as we see, NGOs do not use this potential effectively.

We realized that in order to create a project like this we need to be more specific and work for every detail and make things clear for everyone.

In case we make this project real, there will be NGOs who want to benefit from our mentorship program and it will increase the positive effects of NGOs.

What's next for IV Iuvenibus

We will create a website. There will be sections to request for the projects and create profiles to be mentors. The criteria for becoming mentors (fellow, coordinator, senior) and requesting for a project will be clear and visible on the site.

6-12 months -> collecting eligible mentors’ profiles, creating the website, contacting with NGOs to tell what we do.

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