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A picture is worth a thousand words - English idiom

Phedit is a modern photo editing application that lets you express yourself through pictures. Users can upload images to Phedit and apply any of the close to a dozen effects. The edited images can be shared to facebook or twitter through a public url. To view what other people have shared as well as share your edits on twitter use the hashtag #phedited


Phedit is built using the following technologies:


To setup Phedit locally follow the following instructions:

1 . Clone the repo and navigate to the project directory

$ git clone && cd IV

2 . Install the project dependencies

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

3 . Create a database called phedit and configure the following environment variables

export SECRET=classified
export DATABASE_URL=postgres://<db-username>:@

4 . Run the projects migrations and initialize the projects data

$ python3 migrate
$ python3 loaddata init-data.json

5 . Start the server for the project

$ python3 runserver

6 . Open on your favorite web browser

Running tests

To run the projects' tests

$ python3 test


Copyright © 2016 - Collin Mutembei

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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