Non-profit organisations around the world have been impacted due to the spread of Covid-19. IUGO was created with the goal of setting up a global network of such organisations, enabling interaction and communication with each other during these difficult times.

What it does

IUGO is a platform that enables non-profit organisations to connect and communicate with other organisations that work towards the same/similar goals. Using IUGO, organisations can find other suitable collaborators, gather information about them, and initiate communication, all using a single platform.

How we built it

The complete prototype, from design to functionality, was planned and built using Wix, along with the Corvid dev features. The Corvid integrated database was used to store all the necessary data, enabling easy retrieval and filtering.

What's next for IUGO

The prototype being submitted here consists of just a subset of our ideas for the app. We would like to make IUGO a one stop website for exploring different organisations and their efforts across the globe, enable them to reach their goals by connecting them to suitable collaborators and donors, facilitate smooth communications and transactions between merged parties on the website, etc. Once these virtual mergers are set up, IUGO can be a transparent platform that showcases the efforts of these organisations to the rest of the world.

We also hope to exploit many more of the Wix-Corvid features available for the same.

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