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  • Cynthia Okuno
  • Chad Delp


Pestilog is an Android app that automates and simplifies completion of the Department of Agriculture's "Restricted Use Pesticide Application Record" to ensure food safety!

A Slightly More Technical Description

Upon loading, the app pulls Google Maps API and location data to find your coordinates. When "Start" is pressed, it begins logging coordinates (it will pull every few seconds or every so many meters). At this time it also queries OpenWeatherMaps API to pull the current temperature and windspeed based on the current location. When "Stop" is pressed, the app calculates the approximate area that was covered, and sends the user to an input form to fill out pesticide information. After pressing "Next," the app sends all data to the final page to show Results.


  • Side load apk file (pestilog-debug.apk) onto Android phone, then click to install. Ensure your phone is set to allow installation from unknown sources. Some phones prompt for this setting, while others require the user to find it themselves.
  • Or, download code, open as project in Android Studio, and run on attached phone. (Hit OK if prompted to change directory info when first openning code in Android Studio).

To use, hit the "Start" button, and carry the app while applying pesticide to an area. Current date, windspeed, and temperature will be logged automatically. Your address will be obtained, and your movement will be tracked in order to calculate area. Once finished, press the "Stop" button. Fill in the required pesticide information on the following page, then hit "Next". You will be taken to a Results page with the completed form ready for your review.

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