We(Abinanthan R N, Soundarya E , Thanesh S) team of 3 onboard on the same day in a pandemic situation where every procedures went online but IT Support team came in person for onboarding process and also to fix daily issue. We are working smooth in our daily task because of IT Support team. Our unexpected issues are resolved by them. We took this as inspiration to build an IT support application to reduce their daily chaos and to receive ticket via different user-friendly channel and handling it.

What it does

Our It support application receive their ticket via email from Human Resource Team and a work item will be created respect to subject with details in the email body. Once the ticket (Onboarding) created IT admin must approve to create credentials for that employee on click of submit all the required credentials will be created and moves to the System Assign process and once it done employee becomes the user for IT support application the user of it support can do “Updation” and “IT service” Tickets. The Updation and IT Service ticket can be created both via Chatbot and Web Portal. In Updation , user can be able to Change Password by providing old password and new password, user can be able to set recovery question and answer, user can use recovery answer to reset the password (Forgot password). In IT service, user can raise ticket for Hardware issue, Software issue, Network issue and other issue resolving service tickets in a timely manner according to SLA (SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS). IT team shall handle tickets as same way irrespective to the channel it has been created. Once the ticket is created it will be routed to the IT technician and he can be able to handle scenario of issue in 3 ways either they can replace, resolve and unresolve. In case of hardware issue, they can replace the hardware device and on click of submit the replaced device will be mapped to the respective user and the assert tracking database will get updated. In case of software or network issue they can investigate the issue and can update details about the fix in work item and resolve the ticket. In other worst-case scenario, some issue cannot be fix for a reason those are captured and the intimation mail about worst case scenario and reason will be sent to the user who raised the ticket, and the ticket will be escalated to IT admin for further processing.

How we built it

We build it user friendly to create a ticket in chatbot or professionally by sending an email.

Tickets are processed by choose, Clicks, Update and maintain.

Tickets are handled with a timely manner according to SLA (SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS).

Challenges we ran into

Understanding about the business process how the IT teamwork what are the challenges they are facing and how we can be able to handle it end to end.

Getting to know about API and REST Connectors.

Listening to email, parsing the data in mail, and mapping personal details from email to a work item by using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Text Analyzer.

Updating/Maintaining the Assert Tracking Database and mapping it to appropriate user.

Creating and Updating Operator's Credentials dynamically with Connectors and API in external platform.

Integrating Chatbot with existing portal.

Updating Credentials from chatbot to external platform using API and REST connectors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Keeping track of assert is a ridiculously huge paperwork and more time-consuming process we reduced all those issue in an efficient way of maintaining in the database by automating all the assert status.

Listening to email, parsing the data in mail, and mapping personal details from email to a work item.

Creating credentials dynamically via chatbot and web in an external platform.

There is lot of back-end process for every hardware replacement, system assigning process and to maintain the repository accordingly.

What we learned

We leant to Integrate Chatbot to a portal.

We leant to write Regular expression to parse email body.

We leant to work in chatbot.

we leant about listeners, APIs.

We leant to face challenges and get it done.

What's next for IT Support

IT support is going to extend its wings in social channels and more of IT issue yet to be captured.

One application for all your IT related issues is our motive and we are marching towards that.

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