ServiceNow is the popular ITSM platform for the enterprises and has over 40% market share in ITSM with revenue generation over $1 billion. Many process in servicenow has repeated and manual activities which leads to a bigger scope for automation to reduce cost, faster turn around, SLA adherance etc

What it does

This connector helps in the Incident operations like create, get and update. These activities can be integrated with other activities in UiPath to create powerful workflows. For Example, Chatbots raising a serviceNow incident and UiPath performing the Business process based on ServiceNow Incident

How I built it

These activities are built using C# (Code Activity and NativeActivity)

Challenges I ran into

Creating the activity with design standards was a challenge

What I learned

Effective way of designing an activity

What's next for ITSM activities

Adding access to other tables in serviceNow


ServiceNow Activities for UiPath. All activities must be enlosed within "ServiceNow Connector Scope". User must have the REST API access to the ServiceNow Instance


  1. Create Incident
  2. Get Incident Data
  3. Get Incidents
  4. Update Incident

Create Incident

Creates a new incident with the details provided in json format


Body (JSON string) - Data for the new incident

Example - "{""caller_id"":""Andrew Jackson"",""short_description"":""Network drives X and Y not accessible""}"


IncidentObject - New Incident created and the details are retrieved in JObject format

Get Incident Data

Gets the details of the requested Incident


Incident Number


IncidentJObject - Incident details of type JObject

Get Incidents

Get all the Incidents matching the sysparm query. If sysparm_query is empty, all incidents will be fetched.


SysParm_query - Filtering criteria. For example, List of incidents under a particular assignment group with Assigned status.

Example - "assignment_group=287ebd7da9fe198100f92cc8d1d2154e"


IncidentList - List of incidents of type JArray.

Update Incident

Updates the particular Incident with the details provided in body in JSON string format.


IncidentSysId - Sys_id of the Incident number Body (JSON String) - Data to be updated for the incident. Details to be provided in JSON string format.

Example - "{""state"":""6"",""close_code"": ""Solved (Work Around)"",""close_notes"":""note2""}"


IncidentObject - Updated Incident data of type JObject

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