What if your trash could be smarter than yourself?

What it does

The main feature of the iTrash is to track the litter you throw away. Through scanning the barcode of each product, it notifies you when something you want to mantain at home it's over.

How we built it

The iTrash has three different parts or modules:

Firstly, the barcode scanner is connected to an Arduino Mega, which uses Internet connection to send the products thrown to the server. As a complement, the iTrash has a few cool features such as LED Capacity Control, Automatic open lid and proximity sensors.

Secondly, the server, whose main function is to act as a smart pipe, receiving the data from the Hardware module and getting the products information from the LIDL API Database.

Finally, an Android app provides the User Interface, access the products you have recently thown away and allows the user to buy them at

Challenges we ran into

  • Communicate the Barcode Scanner with the Arduino

  • Calibrate all sensors properly

  • Translate the information given by the Firebase to an Android understandable format

  • Mantain a Real Time Database in the Android app

  • Read data from LIDL Database and adapt it to the Firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • All modules of the iTrash are communicating with each other properly

What we learned

  • Combine Arduino with other Hardware devices

  • Work with Databases in real time

What's next for iTrash

The iTrash evolution can be as huge as you can imagine.

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