Sometimes it's difficult to know all new capabilities of Microsoft Office 365, as they are improving all the time. Educational chat-bot iTrainer365 will help you to stay connected with new features daily.

Just say Hello and chat bot will send you fresh daily training and simple test of knowledge. iTrainer365 will collect all your training statistics, provide you with more complicated trainings if needed and answer your questions on specific topic (right now - with human assist).

We have more than 20 years of training experience and understand that we need a unique approach to the training process. As information technology (IT) products change all the time, we addressed these by inventing the chat-bot and so the iTrainer365 project was born.

iTrainer365 is now public, and currently in the beta development stage, so please register and try it for yourself - it's absolutely free. Why not register or watch the demo video today?

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Built With

  • azure
  • microsoft-bot-framework
  • microsoft-teams
  • sharepoint-online
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