CES2017 - Razer lost a prototype laptop, which was stolen. According to a news article, at least 1,000 government laptops were reported lost and stolen since 2015. Government laptops missing entail possible leakage of sensitive data, which calls for a solution - iTrack.

What it does

iTrack is able to locate lost or stolen laptops via installation points using monitoring mode of a WiFi card. It will track the hidden WiFi card that can be installed into the laptops. In this hackathon, we are using a WiFi dongle instead due to constraints.

How we built it

iTrack is built using Raspberry Pis with an external WiFi dongle. For the sake of the demo, 2 of the Raspberry Pis will be used as monitoring node to triangulate and track the lost device. A central server serves as a user interface to start the tracking service. It will also provide real-time updates to alert the user of the whereabouts of their lost device.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Not enough power supplies to power up our Raspberry Pis. 2. Not enough hardware knowledge to build a wireless card. This demo is a proof of concept.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to set up this project and are able to prove our concept successfully.

What we learned

How wireless networks work.

What's next for iTrack

To conceptualize the product.

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