Itours is statistic software about basic information of all countries in the world. It help we have overview about every continent and every country. Statistic data are got in 2008. With a beautiful user interface, we will have new feel when we overview information. Especially it is software for Android phone 2.1; it is easy to use and support screen size 480*800 It is used for business people, government, student, and other people to learn or to research This software is made up of some databases: **  Other sources about countries and continent. *  Data from World Bank. Basic information cover: Basic information about continent as area, population, all of countries of the continent. Basic information about countries as area, population, position, gdp, gdp grow, %gdp in service,  % gdp in industry, employment,  unemployment, male labor, female labor. The indicators cover:     * Agriculture & Rural Developmen     ** Economic Policy and External Debt     ** Labor & Social Protection I hope that it will help in education for more people so that they have more knowledge about countries,I hope it also help student have more imaging. And in the future, it can add more feature so that give more information.

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