Data is everywhere - it drives your customers, it drives your people, it drives your business… every day, every hour, every second.

But… unstructured data is hard to find.. that can serve your customers, inform your people, and, grow your business.

What it does

ITG’s Knowledge Manager makes finding, storing, tagging, and harnessing your unstructured data more efficient and effective.

It seamlessly integrates your unstructured data (documents, knowledge base, images etc.) with your business processes.

And allows your customers to find the right answers, helps your employees to solve the right problem, and expand your business in the right direction.

How I built it

Step 1: ITG Knowledge Manager allows multiple intake processes to streamline data ingestion.

Step 2: It parses your data using Apache Tika, Google OCR, Elasticsearch to make it easier to search.

Step 3: Next, leveraging Appian’s dynamic BPM capabilities, you validate and approve Data through flexible processes.

Step 4: Your data is now available on multiple channels - from Appian applications to Google Assistant for your mobile crew.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging part of this project was to ensure that all technology platforms (from Apache Tika to ElastiSearch) worked seamlessly and provide user with a unified knowledge management view.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it all done on time!

What's next for ITG Knowledge Manager

This is a great add-on to all Appian installations. We plan to engage with existing customers and identify the business needs and requirements related to their unstructured knowledge management.

Integrate this with Appian based processes to guide process users with intuitive knowledge articles without having users ask for them.

Built With

  • apache-tika
  • appian
  • elastisearch
  • google-assistant
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