Inspired by the erratic needs of college students, it is difficult for us to find what we want at retail stores every time we head there, or, when you need something important and urgently but your local store just ran out of stock, you have wasted a trip to that store.

What it does

Itemize, is an app that helps users locate the nearest store (1 mile radius respective to their current location) that is currently carrying the product they're looking for (the product is in stock), the price of the product and the address of the store carrying it.

How we built it

We made a mock dataset depicting a real dataset from retail stores in MySQL. We intend on using MySQL to query the data obtained from the real retail store inventory dataset. This dataset formed the back end of the entire application. The front end is comprised of Java by making use of the Java Swing library. The back end, which integrated Java and MySQL was built using the MySQL Workbench and the Java.SQL library. The back end was developed using IntelliJ Ultimate Edition and the front end was developed in IntelliJ Community Edition. The reason for this was the varying needs of the full-stack development. The front end development didn't need as much power as the back end and the back end development needed much more power and functionality than the front end IDE provided.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was the integration of Java and MySQL. Neither of us had worked on building databases in Java or IntelliJ and we constantly ran into issues with connection failures, root host missing, and difficulty accessing the Driver through most of the development process. To add on, most mentors who had worked with Java and SQL never integrated the two the way we wanted to integrate them, which caused us to spend most of our time researching on the way to solve issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the main accomplishments that we're proud of is not just developing a prototype in Adobe XD, but also, building a prototype UI in Java with the necessary links. The prototype is rather basic, but, we feel we can get the general idea across and it can be viewed in more detail in the Adobe XD prototype.

What's next for Itemize

We want to make use of the Google Maps API to give realtime location tracking and updates so you can generate directions to the store you wish to go to. To add on, we want to integrate this system in the retail stores as well so customers can just use the app to locate the product in the store (Aisle number and shelf) even if the product has been moved or if there is one unit (in a misplaced location) that is closer to you than the aisle containing the product itself, it would direct you to that aisle. We believe this would be made possible my incorporating RFID tracking in the products and the shelves containing the products.

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