to solve common Team work barriers that we all face, wrapped up in a single app!

What it does

Team work tools need to be more productive to support people to work together. Our app provides Tasks ,Schedule and Attachments administration. in addition to chatting and Zoom meetings. It also can help you to find your fellows by their phone numbers then send them friendship requests. You can also accept or refuse other's friendship requests. iTeam enables fellows and family members to make workflow groups. you can write posts and add your friends to this group to work and chat with them. Group Admins only can update, and add tasks, Schedules, zoom meetings, and people to the group. iTeam tasks are the most important tool in iTeam, it helps you to manage what you intend to do, the second that you are working on, and the last that you carried out. And through a checkbox, you can modify their status within any of those tasks. You can add some people from the working group members to that task along with the necessary attachments For this task, the ability to delete or modify the task is under the autherity of this task's people only. iTeam supports 8 languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, and Persian. Your profile on iTeam is a very fantastic representation of your background, education, and experience. you can support it by your Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

How we built it

We used flutter as it can help to run the application in multiple platforms and Firebase to store Data .

Challenges we ran into

We thinked so much to find the best way to manage people, tasks, meetings and schedules in workflow group.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We produced simple UI that gather all app options.

What we learned

To focuse on users needs more than code.

What's next for Team App 2022

We will add some additional supportive features

Built With

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