As the corona crisis gets longer, most of the face-to-face activities are suspended. Students cannot have usual contact with fellow students. It is especially hard for students who are not from the local area, living alone, or do not speak German. We wanted to build a student community platform where students can share their life, talk about their studies, find some study mates, and give&receive help during the crisis.

What it does

The platform aims to connect students of TUM and improve their social interaction. Since people have to stay at home, a small-talk and casual after class discussions about the covered topic are gone. We want to make this happen, by students providing their needs, where other random students can help them. If preferred, they can also easily open Jitsi call and discuss it in detail. It can help with searching for study groups, lab partners, and making new friends. The advantage is that there is no required invitation like to some close WhatsApp and Facebook group. On top, interaction among students of different faculties is encouraged.

How we built it

The page is built using python Flask framework for a backend and ReactJS for frontend. More specifically, the application runs on Python (v3.5+) Flask framework (v.2+). It is an open-source project, and we are actively searching for developers.

What we learned

We are proud that we built this platform in less than a day from scratch in only two people. We learned to orient ourselves in various tools and enhance our collaboration skills. It is fun to experience new technologies.

This is it? No, it is just the beginning!

We have a long To-Dos list. To name some:

Connecting people on the platform Introducing OAuth with other apps - possibly to integrate with TUM username and account Improve UX/UI for a more pleasant experience Ensure legal run of the page and ask consensus of participants to store their data Introduce review system based on received help Localization to various languages Better search options Extend to other communities

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