One major question in life: what should I eat today? And it's a hard one. If you study or work at NUS, being spoiled by numerous food outlets, then it can be a very hard one. Maybe you are one of those people spending such a long time deciphering your own thoughts, or you have one friend who just cannot figure his/her own taste palette out.

What it does

Itadakimasu is a telegrambot that help you to decide what to eat. The user can input a name of a canteen in NUS, and the bot will reply with a random meal reconmmendation.

How we built it

using Java and Telegram API

Challenges we ran into

We planned a 'favourite' feature, which can store a user's favourite dishes on Google cloud, so that the bot can reconmmend this dish if a canteen serves it. However, we did not have enough time to implement it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cute emoticons in the bot's reply

What we learned

How to use Telegram API,

What's next for itadakimasu

We will implement the 'favourite' feature mentioned above, and extend our databse to include more food outlets in NUS. Another possible extension is to use a learning algorithm to analyse users' taste and build future reconmmendations based on that.

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