Helping potential dates to get to know each other & build connection easily by introducing a friendly GPT chatbot into the chatroom!

The service is currently archived. Connect with us on Twitter if you wanna try it out!

What it does

Main features built & deployed:

  • jumpstart the conversation by providing ice-breakers relevant to both parties' profiles
  • reads all messages and jumps in when the conversation can benefit from it (e.g. providing a different topic, or engaging both parties)
  • measures mutual-interest level in real time and proposes offline dates when the score is high!
  • steers the conversation when it is not going well / inappropriate content detected
  • responds immediately when user sends a messages with "@bot"

How we built it

  • Ruby on Rails & VoiceFlow, hosted on
  • For the app I used a bootstrap template I am familiar with, tweaking it to become a 1:1 dating platform
  • For the chatbot we designed prompts from ground up (see github), using VoiceFlow to act as a proxy to GPT-3-turbo, and implemented a mutual-interest evaluator as an agent (that returns integers 0-2)

Challenges we ran into

  • we ran into a weird issue in production that makes chatrooms freeze once every 3 minutes at 1 am in the morning when we tried to record the demo video XD. It was fun debugging the heck out of it and we got it working just a few hours before the deadline!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • bootstrapped a reasonably well-performing app in a few hours : )
  • we worked together super efficiently as a team!

What we learned

  • OMG prompt engineering is fun. Before this hackathon I never thought I'd enjoy it so much
  • I think VoiceFlow's traditional voice agent logic actually makes a lot of sense combined with GPT - it provides so much structure and I think this will be able to power a lot of use cases

What's next for It Takes Three

  • We are super excited to invite all our friends to play with it
  • Maybe turning it into a real dating app?

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