My inspiration for this project was to build a website for my passion: computers. I've always been into technology and just wanted to make a website for a theoretical company I could've worked for involving IT Services.

What it does

This website is a landing page intending to inform users of what this "company" does and how it serves customers.

How we built it

I built this landing page with no frameworks, just plain HTML/CSS/JS.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into plenty of issues building this page, mostly CSS not playing well with me trying to put things in position. The most annoying thing I had to figure out was the "About Us" text having it rotated and centered inside of an image. I ended up having to create 10+ media queries to make sure it was mobile-friendly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of what I created, specifically using CSS-Grid when I had no prior experience using it.

What we learned

I learned that centering text and making it stay in place when it's inside of an image is tough. Lots of media queries.

What's next for IT Services Landing Page

I'm probably going to try and implement a hamburger menu for mobile view, as right now it's just a flex-wrap when it gets down to phone view. I will also try and add an actual contact form, linked up to a db or some other way to send emails / store data.

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