For the Local Hack Day: Build's challenge "Hello, World in a New Language", I'm using an esoteric programming languages which are often born out of entertaining side-projects and can be described in many ways: fun, fabulous and freaky.
ArnoldC warrants only one description: Get your ass to Mars. It unveils the true semantics of Arnie’s legendary, classic movie quotes. All the greats are there: Terminator 2, Total Recall, Predator and of course… COMMANDO.

The language isn’t new, but it sure is cool.

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  • Download and install the latest version of Java Development Kit
  • Download the code or clone the repo by typing the following command in your terminal. $ git clone https://github.com/adviksinghania/lhdbuild-helloworld.git
  • Navigate to the working directory using: $ cd lhdbuild-helloworld
  • Compile any .arnoldc code you want to run. For e.g.: $ java -jar ArnoldC.jar hello.arnoldc
  • And finally run the code using: $ java hello

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