We wanted to create a platform where a dream doesn’t stay a dream - where a dream comes to life. It’s a Small World is a place for dreamers to become creators. Sometimes we might not have support in our immediate community, lack the resources, feel stuck in our jobs, or have life circumstances overwhelm us.

At It’s a Small World, no matter your background, status, or stage of life, you can make your dream come true. You can build that innovative product you’ve always thought about, that service you’ve wanted to create to help your community, and much more! Meet other dreamers! This platform allows dreamers to network and form teams with others who have similar interests and inspiring ideas!

Dream. Build. Share.

What it does

Our web application essentially allows users to connect and share their dreams with one another. Upon signing up, users fill out their interests and are prompted with users they can follow with similar interests. Once logged in, users can submit their project proposals as "dreams" and tag it with fields such as tech, entertainment, media, etc. On the home page, users will see the projects of those they follow as well as other users, and will be indicated of similarity match between their interests and the projects shown. Users can then click on a post that interests them, and connect with the user to see if they can work on their dream together and make it a reality.

How we built it

We utilized React.js, html, and css to design the web application. We utilized Bootstrap with React as our CSS framework. Some challenges we ran into were when working with React dependencies, such as resolving conflicting dependencies. It took a lot of debugging and searching through documentation, but it was all worth the struggle in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a networking WebApp wasn't the easiest to do with most of our team being beginners. A lot of us had our first exposure to react.js, illustrations, and tackling debugging. It was intimidating at first, but we had a lot of fun with it! We pushed through and created a platform we're extremely proud of!

What we learned

We learned that the greatest products and projects start with a vision, a dream. That's how we carried this WebApp out! We built strong teamwork with clear communication and trusting in each other's skills. Some of us were the visionaries carrying out the big picture of the It's a Small World idea, others created the designs and brought the illustrative creativity, and others built the code and framework for this WebApp to execute. We learned that this project was a part of our story. We started out with a dream, we built it, and now we're sharing it. We created this platform mirroring exactly what we wanted It's a Small World to do. We're extremely honored to be a part of this process and we can't wait to see what's in store for It's a Small World!

What's next for It's a Small World

Not only will teams be building projects, but we see a future It's a Small World to give experienced mentors at Disney, Microsoft, and other companies the opportunity to provide exclusive support to make this project come to life. We hope for many people from diverse backgrounds to come together and not just stay on this platform to build projects, but to connect and create legacies in their communities and in their own lives. We hope that It's a Small World can become a huge platform to build leaders for the next generation.

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