Our inspiration came along as we were all sitting down and saw that many of our parents or grandparents our facing issues everyday with technology. Then we remembered that there are many people around the world that don’t have the familiarity that we do with internet. So we decided to create a web application that will help everyone around the world to learn to how use the internet for themselves and help everyone around them through it.

What it does

Our Internet Tutorial program creates a web space that allows individuals that want to learn more about computers to simple access the web application when they have internet access and start practicing. You might think why can’t our user simply access YouTube and learn to how to surf the internet? Well the answer is our users will have to go through some interactive tutorials that they have to get through to become internet experts. How it happens is when they access our application they have to click around while reading some materials so that not only they can easily read what internet is about but learn how to use it at the same time. At the end there will be a super simple pop up evaluation that they have to get through in order to to pass each step and move on to the next. Each pop up evaluation is a simple question asking them to perform what they learned in the specific lesson they went through.

How we built it

For backend, we mostly used Python and the libraries Flask and Whoosh which make writing web application code for python easier. For front end we used JavaScript. HTML and CSS and we made changes as we went along. IDE’s that we used includes PyCharm, and for front end we used applications such as Atom code compiler.

Challenges we ran into

The most important challenge we ran into was not having enough time to design and complete the different levels of our tutorial. We planned on building 10 different step for the presentation but ended up having some problems completing the said 10 steps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most important thing that we are all proud of is since we have both high school students and professionals in our team, it was very interesting and a great learning experience to see group members from all learning experiences participate.

What we learned

What we learned as a group is that we have to plan the architecture of our program at the start of the hackaton and plan every step in order to completely finish.

What's next for IT (Internet Tutorials) - 8C

Hopefully we will be able to finish all the steps of the program and see how much time it needs in order to be complete and presentable. As a group we believe that IT is a great project and very helpful for the older generation and people who just gained access to the internet. As group members we want to see if we can grow this even further.

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