In today's world, everything as a service for an organization striving the digital transformation that aligns the IT and business strategy. Information Technology is responsible for making sure that nothing goes wrong and must commit the success of every department or organization as a whole. So, balancing innovation and maintenance is crucial.
    Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays a major role in the IT sector. CIO can create business value through technology. He has strategic planning, approve technology features, budgets, and growth objective in line with the business goals. He manages IT development team personnel and oversees the customer service platform. Also, he can approve the vendor negotiation, risk management, establish standards, and IT infrastructure. The Biggest Issues CIO faces today are,
* Aligning the IT initiatives with Business Goals
* Improving the IT Operations, System Performance & Security Management
* Cultivating the Vendor and Business Partnerships
* Implementing New systems & Architecture
* Driving Business Innovation with cost control and change efforts

What it does:

   Our website makes the CIO's tasks much easier. He can manage the employee on-boarding, resource planning, user and group in the organization, Integrating the application, ticketing and support, project deployment, and contacts on this portal. The application has the following features,

  1. Efficient employee on-boarding is critical for long term success. This app will help to keep track of the people those who are on-boarding into the organization and their essential task associated with them.
  2. Planning Resources effectively is essential for any successful Project. In Resources, you can track and manage the projects, peoples, types of equipment, and schedules efficiently.
  3. User Management provides complete information about the employee in the organization.
  4. Group Management helps to create and allocate the 'N' number of users to various groups in the organization
  5. Manage your contacts with supplier, vendor, partner, and customer details for the organization in this portal
  6. Through App Integration, you can install the featured apps and make use of that functionality on websites. Also, the installed apps can be deleted from the websites so that you can secure the username and password.
  7. Emails are often treated as support tickets. It is a service request from an end-user. Our support portal enable to find information, get support and resolves the issues easily and autonomously.
  8. The project deployment provides a lot of information about the projects in the organization. From the active project, you can understand the milestones and percentage of tasks that are completed. The level of risk, budget, schedule, and quality from a particular project due date managed by the project manager can be identified. Data visualization helps to understand project health in terms of preplanning, feasibility, operating cost, design and development, maintenance with respect to cost. Finally, the project value with respect to the time can be determined.
    These features will dramatically improve the productivity of the organization.

How I built it

   We have used Atlassian Jira for the creation of epics and user stories. The features are divided into epics and user stories. The epics are a smaller part of our project and the bigger part of user stories. User stories are a smaller part of the epics and considered to be the tasks for our team members. So, We collaborate on design and development with our team members to build this web application.

Challenges I ran into

   Our web application is a technology-oriented project. It needs a lot of skills for design and developing the application. We have a small team that needs additional support and work for completing the project within the deadline. As a product manager, it is a big challenge to contribute to the coding and implementation of this web application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

   We are proud that we have completed and can deliver the project successfully with full functionalities by this deadline.

What I learned

    As a product manager, I have learned a lot of new things in the coding part of this project. Also, I have learned to use the Atlassian Jira software for completing the project with our team members. It is a good experience to design and develop the project within the deadline.

What's next for IT Infrastructure Management - CIO's Desk

    We have developed the initial version of CIO's desk for the enterprise software application. Still, we need to integrate other roles in the organization. So, We will work out the other important features and roles in the organization for the complete enterprise web application.

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Private user

Private user posted an update

Hi Everyone, I will complete the major things in the prototype for our project by today evening and looking for some more teammates for completing this prototype into the design. So, we will include some more people in this project and discuss in detail about the implementation. And, I will be creating the user stories from Monday onwards. Once, the user stories are ready to do things, we can work on the backlog items for the deployment of the project. Cheers,

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Private user

Private user posted an update

Hi Everyone, I have been working on creating the prototype. Once I finished the prototype, I can create the user stories in the Atlassian Jira cloud. When the user stories move to the sprint, I will send you the invitation to the team members where you can work on the backlog items. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email ( or slack.

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