Who hasn't thought at some point "Wow, I wish it would get through to my friend that their music sucks?" The answer, of course, is nobody. So we built an app that can quantify your friend's poor taste. The functionality of our app was also somewhat inspired by What Does The Internet Think?.

How it works

Is Your Music Taste Bad? is a Windows Runtime Universal app that scrapes your device's music library and gathers a list of artists you listen to. It then queries the Bing Web API with phrases of various positivity; "Nickelback bad," "deadmau5 good," et cetera. This is done for each artist, and the amount of results for positive queries and the amount for negative queries are weighed against each other and turned into a score, 1-10. The app then averages those artist scores together and tells you how bad or good your taste in music is.

Challenges we ran into

Out of my group, I was the only one familiar with the Windows Runtime APIs. My group and I learned together as we taught each other the intricacies of C#, XAML, and the Windows Runtime.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Is Your Music Taste Bad? scales well across various device sizes, and is ready for upgrading to the Windows 10 universal runtime when the time comes.

What we learned

Nice and easy-to-use GUI programming is always harder than you think it will be. We also learned a good amount of the C# and XAML languages and how they interact with the Windows APIs, and how to interact with the Bing JSON API.

What's next for Is Your Music Taste Bad?

Hopefully we can continue a light development cycle, adding more features such as artist-by-artist internet opinion breakdowns. When Windows 10 is released to the public, the app will be updated to the new universal APIs. Also, we need to develop a brand (icon, splash screen, etc.). None of us are artists.

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