Project for Table 9 of the New York City 2017 I Stand With Immigrants Hackathon.


This app allows for users based outside the United States to "discover" Americans who can connect with them. This also works vice versa, as in Americans can "discover" those wishing to immigrate to this country.

Check out our info slide deck here!

This app utilizes a chat feature that auto-translates the languages communicated into the native language of the immigrant using Google's translate API.

As of now, there are 100 fake User accounts stored within a JSON dictionary.


We would like to personally thank each and every person, especially those who are members of the immigrant community here in New York City, who made this event possible.

Contributors (pictured from left to right): Michael "Lori" Lorimer, Zak Aroui, Ana Ma, Liam Kane, Marty Avedon, Chris Lee, Vic Zhong, Max Rosado

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posted an update

I coordinated the developers and lead the integrations of the separate features into the project. I built the underlying UI for the app, working closely with the design lead to create an intuitive UX/UI.

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