Our inspiration is from another application like SmartCity which is that application has been work in any city on Indonesia. Ayo Banyuwangi will give information about Banyuwangi tourism, art events, crafts, culinary, arts and culture. Ayo Banyuwangi will be provide geographic information in a map to make it easier for tourists to reach the destination. We focus on how tourist can be more interested and know about Banyuwangi culture, art event or their culinary. Then they can get to destinations easly using our maps that we have provided which is by applying Google Maps API.

What it does

Ayo Banyuwangi can give any information about Banyuwangi like tourism , art events, craft, arts and culture. Ayo Banyuwangi can give a geographic information in a maps to make it easier using Google Maps API for tourist to reach the destination. Ayo Banyuwangi can help UMKM in Banyuwangi active to compete the 4.0 industry revolution with promote and manage the product and increase sales effectively.

How I built it

We built the application using the PHP programming language using the Code Igniter Framework and using the MySQL database as a data storage media. The data that we need for this application is the location (latitude and longitude) of tourism or UMKM as well as a description of the place, to be displayed on the website and using google maps technology as a medium to show and provide directions for the tour, by taking the last location user (latitude and longitude).

Challenges I ran into

  1. There is a need for activeness from UMKM to keep updating the product so that the content is always fresh and interesting
  2. The biggest challenge we faced is when determining the closest tourist location with the best rating. Some locations that offer local products are also a challenge because we have to contact owners of local product in the form of snacks, heavy meals and drinks. This is a very interesting challenge because by highlighting features like this, the tourists who come to Banyuwangi can find out their destination without having to be confused looking for a place to sell typical Banyuwangi food or natural attractions that only exist in Banyuwangi.

What I learned

  1. Learn the literature needed to make the application
  2. Learn the culture of Banyuwangi so that the information provided by Ayo Banyuwangi is accurate and real

What's next for Ayo Banyuwangi

We hope Ayo Banyuwangi becomes the solution to the problems that exist in Banyuwangi. Ayo Banyuwangi is a new thing that can advance the people of Banyuwangi with a touch of technology in the fields of tourism, culture, art and everything that is characteristic of Banyuwangi. Ayo Banyuwangi can promote Banyuwangi so that it can improve the regional economy as well as the surrounding community.

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