After thoroughly considering all the available topics for Equithon, we decided that mental health was the one we wanted to focus on. When discussing the largest issues that people face in regards to mental health, we realized that in many environments, competition breeds low self-esteem, especially in educational firms. There are many people that feel that no matter how well they do, someone is always better than them or that they are never good enough.

We brainstormed ways to improve people's mental health, and the best way we thought of ways to improve self-esteem. We wanted to make a platform where people could express themselves without the constant comparison that social media environments have.

What it does

I seem allows users to create an account with Google. It acts as a portfolio/log of positivity for people to enter happy and exciting events of their life, or even things that they are grateful for. iSteem also allows users to log their current mood relative to the last time they visited. iSteem stores all these good memories, and when users are feeling down and need a reminder of how good their lives are, they can view their profile and relive those moments.

How we built it

We designed and coded a website using custom HTML and CSS without using any frameworks (from scratch). From there, we integrated it into React.js, with Firebase hosting.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few problems with our laptops during the hackathon, which set us back. This was also our first time using React.js and Firebase together, and it took us a while to get it set up. As a team of varying experience and age levels (ranging from high school to end of the university) and one that was newly created at the hackathon, we weren't sure how well we would mesh together.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of our ability to work together as a team, since all of us were from varying experience levels and met at the hackathon. We are also proud of how well our product turned out and how well our different parts worked together.

What we learned

We learned how React.js works for back-end development, and how to use Google's Firebase API, which none of us had experience with prior. This was our first hackathon for some of us, and we got to practice our newly-learned web development skills.

What's next for iSteem

We would like to expand iSteem to include daily push notifications to remind them to add something to iSteem. We would also like to add a monthly email report, that summarizes a month for the user and allows for even better reflection. This would include a graph of mood, selected logs, and more.

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