For many of us, our priorities lie behind what we experience in our everyday lives, from finding a job, to maintaining good grades. The idea that immigrants should face the same problems at an even greater disadvantage from lack of language and proper representation is lost to the average American. In an attempt to give immigrants the right recognition as part of the backbone of our country's growth, iStand provides the stories and history of our immigrant communities, building rapport between the average American and the immigrant to provide the latter with the proper ground to stand on to continue their roles in our growing society.

What it does

iStand marks important locations and landmarks on the map, providing a time-line of the history of the location the user is standing on and the role that immigrants played in the location's lifetime, and comments from present day users who have also stood on the same spot. Comments from users can be Tweeted to bring awareness to certain spots, hitting milestones along the way displayed in a bar graph, while also providing tour routes of popular locations.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Time and technology were challenges for us. Gracefully, with our efforts and the help from our mentors, we were able to develop and deliver this product.

What's next for iStand

iStand provides a great learning opportunity, not just for adults, but also for children. In addition to marketing as an addition to social media postings, iStand will be looking to be sold to educators for young students to teach them about the immigrational history of their everyday surroundings.

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