A user wanted to sort all issue type changes in a specfic Jira project according to date range & issue type selection.

What it does

Displays a detailed report (showing Issue key, Old Issue Type, New Issue Type, Date of Change & Changed By )on how many times an issue has been changed from one type to another within a selected date range or selected old issue type. Also provides an option to export it in excel format.

How we built it

Using Jira APIs, java, jquery, velocity template files.

Challenges we ran into

Redirection of view page from default selection to another view with selection options to the final report view page instead of directly going to report page from default view page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The final report fetches all the details as desired by the user.

What we learned

How to fetch reports as & when a specific requirement arises.

What's next for IssueTypeChangeReport

The next version will come up with selection of all type of changes on an issue in report.

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