Intelligent hack to extend JIRA Server configuration flexibility similar to Resolutions per Issue Type and Priorities per Project.

What it does

Issue Subtask Types add-on enables you to define a mapping between parent issue type and it's subtask types and enforce user to select the type of subtask from the configured options only.

How I built it

It is classic JIRA Server add-on

Challenges I ran into

The trickiest part was to filter out "Issue Type" field of sub-task with the values from the mapping scheme

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It took just one day to create this add-on due to previous experience with Issue Type Resolutions and Project Priorities add-ons.

What I learned

Different select type issue fields like "Issue Type", "Resolution" and "Priority" have completely different rendering logic )

What's next for Issue Subtask Types for JIRA

Currently the mapping between parent issue type and subtask types are global for all projects. I'm planning to enable mapping on a project basis.

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