As Appsvio team, we are the proud developers of the # 1 app on the Atlassian Marketplace for merging issues. It is written in Connect. It is important for us to keep up with the times. That's why we decided to make its version on Forge. It will be available on the Marketplace alongside the Connect version available from now under the name Issue Merger for Jira PRO. The experience we gained allowed us to create a simple, lightweight version of a well-known and liked app. We focused on the functionalities that our clients need. We reduced the need for clicks to achieve the goal (= merging issues) to a minimum.

We actively follow the expectations of our clients, therefore, seeing how many people are waiting for the JRACLOUD-3592 request to be resolved, we could not pass by it indifferently.

What it does

Fully integrated within Jira, every user can select issues to merge with another one. In the merge dialog, choose fields from the source issue which values you want to add to the fields in the target issue.

This app offers:

  • manual merge option in a simple dialog on the issue (it’s a natural place, next to other actions, such as Move or Clone)
  • support for system fields, also from Jira Service Management
  • possibility to link issues and add a comment after merging (both on the source and target issues)
  • removing source issue after merge

Using this app, you can keep your Jira tidy. Clean up your projects by merging duplicated tickets. Do not store similar issues that artificially increase their number in the backlog.

You can also reduce the risk of mistakes. Manually copying values between two or more issues may result in the loss of valuable information. Focus on selecting the correct fields to merge, and leave the copying of these values to us (and our app).

How we built it

We use the following Forge modules:

  • Forge Custom UI
  • Forge Issue Action

We manage the entire project using Jira Cloud and Confluence. We have prepared the interface graphic designs in Figma.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for us was deciding which features from the PRO version, based on Connect, will be available in the Forge version. Initially, we wanted to do everything, but unfortunately, Forge's limitations beat us. Nevertheless, we are satisfied with the app we have managed to create. It fits the light version and has functionalities that differentiate it from the PRO version.

We want our app to be easy and fun to use at every stage. Therefore, we would like to add spotlights that would introduce a new user to our functionality. We look forward to seeing them on Forge. Currently, this is only possible within an iframe using the Custom UI.

It is important for us to connect our functionality with native Automation. We are currently waiting for such an API to be made available by Atlassian.

Unfortunately, we have encountered a Forge limitation which prevents us from changing the source issue status after merge. We hope that Atlassian will add such an opportunity soon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have created an app that meets the assumptions of Forge. It is simple, useful, fulfills its function in 100%. We didn't need much time to write it. Thanks to Forge, we could focus on functionalities, and not think about issues related to security or architecture.

We are also proud that we have managed to create an app in difficult conditions: with crying children, with a runny nose, from holidays at the end of the world, with a slow computer. Despite all these down-to-earth problems, the ease of development that Forge brings helped us a lot :)

The simplicity of this application is its strength. Adding more functionalities in the future, we will remember not to lose this advantage.

What we learned

We've learned that creating the seemingly same Forge app that is available on Connect is more difficult. This is not a copy-paste. This development is definitely more fun (when it comes to Forge). Moreover, it provides an opportunity to start from scratch. We could consider the functionalities of the PRO version and design them anew (both on the frontend and backend).

What's next for Issue Merger for Jira

Our first goal is to publish the app on the Atlassian Marketplace. The direction in which it will develop depends mainly on our clients. As in all our other products, we listen to their needs and create solutions dedicated to them. In our company, we also use this integration. Everyday use has shown us that it is worth working on the following elements:

  • support for custom fields
  • define on which status merging can be done
  • ability to synchronize new comments for merged issues
  • possibility to append values (now, they can be replaced)
  • customizable comments after merge

Our experience in working on products has shown us many times that our clients' ideas can surprise us and they shape our products. Who knows what the future will bring :)

One of the use cases how to use the Issue Merger app, you can read in our article. We created it when we described Issue Merger for Jira PRO, but it is also up-to-date for Forge app (except for synchronizing comments).

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