What inspired us

While Jira Software remains the most powerful platform for managing agile projects, its robustness poses a level of complexity, which in certain cases is challenging to handle by Jira users.

As an agile organization, we use Jira Software and Jira Cloud daily. This has inspired us to build a flexible and powerful solution with an immediate effect on our work.

Issue Matrix Cloud was born out of the aspiration to visualize Jira Cloud view screens in a more effective, faster, and user-friendly way and make the work-life of Agile teams and business users of Jira Cloud much easier and highly productive.

The app gives you better visibility into additional information and fields about each sub-task, linked issue, or Issues in Epics without opening them individually, thus saving hundreds of hours. You can also track the progress of all completed, currently running, or to-do issues in the matrix.

Use Cases

Issue Matrix Cloud provides indispensable help to business users and Аgile teams in leveraging Jira Cloud visualization and resolving several of its usability and productivity limitations when working with sub-tasks and linked issues.

1. Business users

While Jira Cloud’s current interfaces fit the processes of technical teams, it is still a struggle for business users to realize Jira’s potential fully.

Built as a highly customizable app, Issue Matrix Cloud helps in overcoming these drawbacks by enhancing how sub-tasks, linked Issues, and issues in epics get visualized in the Issue View Screen.

What business users benefit from Issue Matrix Cloud:

Better visibility into sub-tasks & linked issues Issue Matrix offers several different matrix types you can create and configure to fit the needs of your team. This feature significantly improves the way users interact with Jira and saves organizations countless hours and unnecessary click-throughs, resulting in the increased overall productivity of teams.

Content features for better flexibility & information display Issue Matrix has a set of essential options related to the content of the Issue Matrix table. After you choose the Issue Matrix mode, you can configure a subset of settings (types, context, columns) and apply them to the selected mode.

2. Agile teams

Agile-centric technologies are designed to adapt to and optimize the work of teams by enabling them to quickly and easily access actionable information.

This was one of the defining principles behind the Issue Matrix Cloud app development - to enrich the existing capabilities of Jira Cloud so Agile teams can access and work with actionable data, without the need to navigate through multiple UI pages and waste valuable time.

What Аgile teams benefit from Issue Matrix Cloud:

Improve your Scrum & Kanban boards The Issue Matrix table content can be configured for Agile boards as well and significantly improves how users interact with the tasks on their Scrum and Kanban boards.

High customization and increased usability, structure & content display The app offers three highly customizable modes - Sub-task, Issue Link, and Epic. They enable users to define the types of issues and information that will be shown in the Issue View screen.

How we built it

Issue Matrix Cloud is designed as a serverless Web app, written entirely in TypeScript with React.js and using AtlasKit. The App has no server-side back-end code. For the User Interface, we used React functional components mixed with components from AtlasKit. These components rely on React hooks to encapsulate our business logic and delegate the remote requests to Jira Cloud REST API, leveraging Jira Cloud JavaScript API. App data is persisted in Jira Project Entity Properties. The web resources are hosted on AWS S3 and distributed via AWS CloudFront. Jira Project Administrators configure Issue Matrices on a project level and based on these configurations the end-users see enriched data in the issue view.

The challenges we faced

  • Because Issue Matrix Cloud is a serverless app, a lot of the business logic that we'd usually put in the back-end had to be done in the front-end
  • Working inside an iframe introduces technical problems that are not present otherwise
  • An extra effort had to be put to provide rich enough user experience due to gaps in JavaScript and REST APIs of Jira Cloud

What we learned

Issue Matrix Cloud has been a significant milestone, as it is our company's first Jira Cloud App. We learned what it is like to build a Cloud App from scratch. We experimented with a lot of technologies that we don't use in our other Jira apps, and now we're going to use this knowledge as a basis for new cloud apps and improvements in our existing ones.

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