I wanted to take Issue Links for Jira further, add some context around metrics. Give the users far more value from the dashboard gadgets.

What it does

The app counts the number of issues with or without certain issue links. You can get a count of Epics without blocking bugs or Stories with blocking Bugs and display these on a dashboard gadget.

This update allows a target value to be set for any metric gathered, giving context to the number. Metrics alone are great, but you often need some context. Is 100 good or bad? Is 10 way under or way over what you expected? When do you need to be concerned about a metric?

With a target set, you can now also visualise your metrtic and target as numbers, a circle chart or a progress bar.

How I built it

I used Atlassian Connect Express, with React used throughout, including React Hooks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using react hooks for the first time in a production app was rewarding, especially the use of Context.

What I learned

A lot about React Hooks and increasing (my limited) design skills.

What's next for Issue Links Metrics

Perhaps going beyond Issue Links for metrics and looking at other areas of Jira which would deliver useful metrics.

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