Inspiration & what it does

Sometimes, not all tasks can be addressed in the current pull request, resulting in leftover tasks. How can make sure that they get resolved later in a trackable manner without manual work? This is where our add-on can help: it allows to create JIRA issues for all open tasks in the current pull requests by one click. The JIRA project, assignee and reporter are filled in for you automatically (based on the JIRA issue key(s) in the commit message and Git blame). The add-on also allows to create JIRA issues for individual pull request comments. And it also provides a solution for something that is currently missing in Bitbucket Server: commit comments cannot have tasks. To address this, the add-on provides an action to create JIRA issues for commit comments.

How I built it

With the Atlassian plug-in SDK and Scala.

Challenges I ran into

Extending the current pull request comments with a new action was quite a challenge. Furthermore, it was not trivial to resolve a default assignee by using Git blame information on the line of the pull request comment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That all fields to create a JIRA issue out of the commit or pull request comment are pre-filled with sensible defaults (JIRA project, assignee, reporter and title/description of the issue).

What I learned

I learned a lot about the JIRA REST API which I used heavily for this plug-in (e.g., the possibility to create issues in bulk mode).

Built With

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