The Bengt Brodersen nice code to print cards from a bookmarlet in the Browser.

What it does

Print beautiful cards from JIRA RapidBoard, Issue View, or the Issue Search View

How we built it

With Javascript, Json. It's an Atlassian Marketplace addon that installs a button in the RapidBoard to install in the Browser the extension to see the "Print Buttons". These "Print" buttons calls a Github code to create the Screen with the card layouts to Print. The code of the Printer automatically has the more recent version.

Challenges we ran into

Different browsers, it's always our big enemy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nice cards printables to set in the REAL boards

What we learned

Collaborative add-on between Germany and Spain

What's next for Issue Card Printer for JIRA Cloud

A suite of tools to amplify the JIRA standard Agile functionalities for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud. Now we have the same version for JIRA Server FREE

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posted an update

This tool bridges the gap between the need to keep digital records of Agile teams' work and the actual need to collaborate and work with physical cards in stand up meetings. There are a number of configuration options that will be much appreciated by Agile coaches and Product Owners.

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